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Our services

Why do you need us?

So you can sell your products too anyone in the world and get help with that!

U sell and we do the rest.

This service is for any company that manufactures sun protections and want too sell more.

We can help you with that.

Meet us att R/T in Februari at Stuttgart messe.


We are well familiar with every kind of awnings.

We install every brand on the market.


External blinds and outher types as sun sail or fixad sun visors and big canopys.


Any kind of internal sun shields

blinds, lamellen, curtains, roller.


We are educated for electrical work with every kind of the products we install.


We do many different pergolas for commercial buildings and restaurants.


We do service on older installations and do

yearly  inspections as well.

We are well educated in skylifts and work in

high places. 

Who are we?

Since 2014 when we started Svenska Solskyddsgruppen we have grown every year.

2023 we first reached over 1 miljon € in annual turnover.

Right now we have 9 professional installer.

We are specialized in every kind of sun shields installations both internal and external solutions.

We only do installations.

We do work today in Scandinavia and our home is Stockholm in Sweden.

We are now ready for the rest of the world and will start the service in the work we know so well.

Over 80 years combined experience will make us one of the worlds leading company in this very specialized kind of mounting.

We has worked with almost every company that manufactures sun shields in Europe.

We are well educated in every step of this work.

We do measurements.

We plan the project.

We handle the logistics.

We do the installation.

We do the electrical solutions for every kind of project.

So you just sell the products and let us do the rest.

So now you can sell direct and not be stopped becuase you dont have a representative at that job at that time.


If you have any questions about our sevices or want to ask for a consultation, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

To find out more get in touch today!